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American Mineralogist: Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

Note that each pull-down on the menu above contains specific and important information, including nomenclature, tables, references, CIFs, figures, paper types, and more. Please explore the whole site before submitting your paper -- the tab-based design makes it easy to find what you need instead of scrolling on and on.

Guide to Tables

Tables to be typeset with the paper need to be a way to convey information efficiently and the information must be integral to immediately understanding the paper. Tables that may deepen understanding and help reproduce your paper should be Online Materials. These materials are just as important as the paper. Preserving them in the original format and making them downloadable will aid other researchers in their work and expand your work. For papers whose funders would like all data to be available to researchers, we recommend a service such as FigShare -- we can embed an URL but a DOI would be safer and longer-lasting.

Format: Ideally the format is Microsoft Word or Excel, but we’ll use txt files as well if need be.

CIF (Crystallographic Information Files): Please click here.