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Welcome to the American Mineralogist preprint page. Recently all preprints have been made open to all readers. These preprints are unedited manuscritps accepted for publication that will undergo copyediting, layout, and review of the proof before being published. Always consult the final, published document as a good practice. Remember to have your institution subscribe to American Mineralogist! Note that individual online subscriptions are via membership in MSA (and members get free online color in their paper) -- check out all the info via the pull-down links above including how to be an author and submit your paper.

All legal disclaimers that apply to the journal apply to these preprints. Please note that in almost all cases the authors hold the copyright. To identify those Open Access papers with a CC-BY or CC-BY-ND-NC license check the code at the end of the DOI.

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Models for the estimation of Fe3+/Fetot. ratio in terrestrial and extra terrestrial alkali- and iron-rich silicate glasses using Raman spectroscopy Danilo Di Genova, Kai-Uwe Hess, Magdalena Oryaëlle Chevrel, and Donald B. Dingwell preprint

Temperature dependences of the hyperfine parameters of Fe2+ in FeTiO3 as determined by 57Fe-Mössbauer spectroscopy Antoine Van Alboom and Eddy De Grave preprint

Dynamics and thermodynamics of magma mixing: Insights from a simple exploratory model Frank J. Spera, Jason S. Schmidt, Wendy A. Bohrson, and Guy A. Brown preprint

In-situ infrared spectroscopic studies of hydroxyl in amphiboles at high pressure Elizabeth C. Thompson, Andrew J. Campbell, and Zhenxian Liu preprint

Magnetite spherules in pyroclastic iron ore at El Laco, Chile Jan Olov Nyström, Fernando Henríquez, José A. Naranjo, and H. Richard Naslund preprint

Reflectance Spectroscopy of Chromium-bearing Spinel with Application to Recent Orbital Data from the Moon K.B. Williams, C.R.M. Jackson, L.C. Cheek, K.L. Donaldson Hanna, S.W. Parman, C.M. Pieters, M.D. Dyar, and T.C. Prissel preprint

Accurate predictions of iron redox state in silicate glasses: A multivariate approach using x-ray absorption spectroscopy M. Darby Dyar, Molly Mccanta, Elly Breves, Cj Carey, and Antonio Lanzirotti preprint

On Silica-Rich Granitoids and their eruptive equivalents Carol D. Frost, B. Ronald Frost, and James S. Beard preprint

Equation of state of the high-pressure Fe3O4 phase and a new structural transition at 70 GPa Angele Ricolleau and Yingwei Fei preprint

Geochemistry, petrologic evolution, and ore deposits of the Miocene Bodie Hills Volcanic Field, California and Nevada Edward A. du Bray, David A. John, Brian L. Cousens, Leslie A. Hayden, and Peter G. Vikre preprint

Crystal chemistry of spinels in the system MgAl2O4-MgV2O4-Mg2VO4 Ferdinando Bosi, Henrik Skogby, Rosa Anna Fregola and Ulf Hålenius preprint

W-WO Joins the Deep Earth Electrochemical Series Abby Kavner preprint

Petrographic Investigation of Smithing Slag of the Hellenistic to Byzantine city of Sagalassos (SW-Turkey) Kim Eekelers, Patrick Degryse, and Philippe Muchez preprint

Confined Water in Tunnel Nanopores of Sepiolite: Insights from Molecular Simulations Jinhong Zhou, Xiancai Lu, and Edo S. Boek preprint

Compositional variation of apatite from rift-related alkaline igneous rocks of the Gardar Province, South Greenland Sara Ladenburger, Michael A.W. Marks, Brian Upton, Peter Hill, Thomas Wenzel, and Gregor Markl preprint

Constraints on the early delivery and fractionation of Earth’s major volatiles from C/H, C/N, and C/S ratios Marc M. Hirschmann preprint

Zircon saturation and Zr diffusion in rhyolitic melts, and zircon growth geospeedometer Youxue Zhang and Zhengjiu Xu preprint

Hafnium, oxygen, neodymium, strontium, and lead isotopic constraints on magmatic evolution of the supereruptive southern Black Mountains volcanic center, Arizona, USA: A combined LASS zircon - whole-rock study Susanne M. McDowell, Sarah Overton, Christopher M. Fisher, William O. Frazier, Calvin F. Miller, Jonathan S. Miller, and Rita C. Economos preprint

Octahedral chemistry of 2:1 clay minerals and hydroxyl band position in the near-infrared. Application to Mars Javier Cuadros, Joe R. Michalski, Vesselin Dekov, and Janice L. Bishop preprint

Multi-stage barite crystallization in partially melted UHP eclogite from the Sulu belt, China Songjie Wang, Lu Wang, Michael Brown, and Peng Feng preprint

Incorporation of high amounts of Na in ringwoodite: Possible implications for transport of alkali into lower mantle Luca Bindi, Anastasia Tamarova, Andrey V. Bobrov, Ekaterina A. Sirotkina, Oliver Tschauner, Michael J. Walter, and Tetsuo Irifune preprint

Radiation damage in biotite mica by accelerated α-particles: a synchrotron microfocus X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy study William R. Bower, Carolyn I. Pearce , Andrew D. Smith, Simon M. Pimblott , J. Frederick W. Mosselmans, Sarah J. Haigh, James P. Mckinley, and Richard A.D. Pattrick preprint

Remanent magnetization, magnetic coupling and interface ionic configurations of intergrown rhombohedral and cubic Fe-Ti oxides: a short survey Peter Robinson, S.A. McEnroe, Nobuyoshi Miyajima, Karl Fabian, and Nathan Church preprint

In defence of Magnetite-Ilmenite Thermometry in the Bishop Tuff and its implication for gradients in silicic magma reservoirs Bernard W. Evans, Wes Hildreth, Olivier Bachmann, and Bruno Scaillet preprint

Deciphering magmatic processes in calc-alkaline plutons using trace element zoning in hornblende Calvin G. Barnes, Valbone Memeti, and Nolwenn Coint preprint

Recognizing sulfate and phosphate complexes chemisorbed onto nanophase weathering products on Mars using in-situ and remote observations Elizabeth B. Rampe, Richard V. Morris, P. Douglas Archer, Jr., David G. Agresti, and Douglas W. Ming preprint

Quartz-apatite rocks from the Tundulu and Kangankunde carbonatite complexes, Malawi: evidence for dissolution-reprecipitation of apatite and preferential LREE mobility in late-stage hydrothermal processes Sam Broom-Fendley, Mike T. Styles, J. Don Appleton, Gus Gunn, and Frances Wall preprint

Time’s Arrow in the Trees of Life and Minerals Peter J. Heaney preprint

Interpretation of the infrared spectra of the lizardite-nepouite series in the near and middle infrared range Fabien Baron and Sabine Petit preprint

In situ Spectroscopic Study of Water Intercalation into Talc: New Features of ‘Ten-Angstrom Phase’ Formation Sergey V. Rashchenko, Anna Yu. Likhacheva, Sergey V. Goryainov, Alexander S. Krylov, and Konstantin D. Litasov preprint

Maruyamaite, K(MgAl2)(Al5Mg)Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)3O, a potassium-dominant tourmaline from the ultrahigh-pressure Kokchetav massif, northern Kazakhstan: Description and crystal structure Aaron Lussier, Neil A. Ball, Frank C. Hawthorne, Darrell J. Henry, Rentaro Shimizu, Yoshihide Ogasawara, and Tsutomu Ota preprint

Genesis of chromium-rich kyanite in eclogite-facies Cr-spinel-bearing gabbroic cumulates, Pohorje Massif, Eastern Alpst Christoph A. Hauzenberger, Harald Taferner, and Jürgen Konzet preprint

Ferri-kaersutite, NaCa2(Mg3TiFe3+)(Si6Al2)O22O2, a new oxo-amphibole from Harrow Peaks, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica Silvia Gentili, Cristian Biagioni, Paola Comodi, Marco Pasero, Catherine Mccammon, and Costanza Bonadiman preprint

The valence quadrupole moment Kendrick Shepherd, Matthew C. F. Wander, Barry R. Bickmore, W. Joel Johansen, Tyler Goodell, Matthew Davis, Charles Andros, Larissa Lind, and Kathleen Robertson preprint

Phase relations on the K2CO3-CaCO3-MgCO3 join at 6 GPa and 900-1400 °C: implication for incipient melting in carbonated mantle domains Anton Shatskiy, Konstantin D. Litasov, Yuri N. Palyanov, and Eiji Ohtani preprint

Spinel in Planetary Systems Stephen E. Haggerty preprint

Jianshuiite in oceanic manganese nodules at the Paleocene- Eocene Boundary Jeffrey E. Post, Ellen Thomas, and Peter J. Heaney preprint

The effect of phosphorus on manganocolumbite and mangaotantalite solubility in peralkaline to peraluminous granitic melts Tang Yong, Zhang Hui, and Rao Bing preprint

Some thermodynamic properties of larnite (β-Ca2SiO4) constrained by high T/P experiment and/or theoretical simulation Zhihua Xiong, Xi Liu, Sean R. Shieh, Sicheng Wang, Linlin Chang, Junjie Tang, Xinguo Hong, Zhigang Zhang, and Hejing Wang preprint

The Lassen Hydrothermal System Steven E. Ingebritsen, Deborah Bergfeld, Laura E. Clor, and William C. Evans preprint

Phase stabilities and spin transitions of Fe3(S1-xPx) at high pressure and its implications in meteorites Tingting Gu, Yingwei Fei, Xiang Wu, and Shan Qin preprint

Safe long-term immobilization of heavy metals: looking at natural rocks Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans preprint

In-situ crystal structure determination of seifertite SiO2 at 129 GPa: studying a minor phase near Earth’s core–mantle boundary Li Zhang, Dmitry Popov, Yue Meng, Junyue Wang, Cheng Ji, Bing Li, and Ho Kwang Mao preprint

XRD-TEM-AEM comparative study of n-alkylammonium smectites and interstratified 3 minerals in shallow-diagenetic carbonate sediments of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin Fernando Nieto, Xabier Arroyo, and Javier Arostegui preprint

Nepheline Structural and Chemical Dependence on Melt Composition Jose Marcial, Jarrod Crum, Owen Neill, and John McCloy preprint

Mafic Replenishments Into Floored Silicic Magma Chambers Robert A. Wiebe preprint

Mechanical properties of natural radiation damaged titanite and temperature induced structural reorganization: A Nanoindentation and Raman spectroscopic study Tobias Beirau, William D. Nix, Rodney C. Ewing, Gerold A. Schneider, Lee A. Groat, and Ulrich Bismayer preprint

Crystal Chemistry and Light Elements Analysis Of Ti-Rich Garnets Emanuela Schingaro, Maria Lacalamita, Ernesto Mesto, Gennaro Ventruti, Giuseppe Pedrazzi, Luisa Ottolini, and Fernando Scordari preprint

Preservation of organic matter in nontronite against iron redox cycling Qiang Zeng, Hailiang Dong, Linduo Zhao, and Qiuyuan Huang preprint

A Century Of Mineral Structures: How Well Do We Know Them? Ross J. Angel and Fabrizio Nestola preprint

Excess mixing volume, microstrain, and stability of pyrope-grossular garnets Wei Du, Simon Martin Clark, and David Walker preprint

The validity of plagioclase-melt geothermometry for degassing-driven magma crystallisation Madeleine C. S. Humphreys, Marie Edmonds, and Marthe S. Klöcking preprint

Glass structure, melt structure and dynamics: some concepts for petrology Jonathan F. Stebbins preprint

Tetrahedral boron in natural and synthetic HP/UHP tourmaline: Evidence from Raman spectroscopy, EMPA, and single crystal XRD Martin Kutzschbach, Bernd Wunder, Dieter Rhede, Monika Koch-Müller, Andreas Ertl, Gerald Giester, Wilhelm Heinrich, and Gerhard Franz preprint

Experimental constraints on mantle sulfide melting up to 8 GPa Zhou Zhang and Marc M. Hirschmann preprint

The W-WO2 oxygen fugacity buffer (WWO) at high pressure and temperature: Implications for fO2 buffering and metal-silicate partitioning Gregory A. Shofner, Andrew J. Campbell, Lisa R. Danielson, Kevin Righter, Rebecca A. Fischer, Yanbin Wang, and Vitali Prakapenka preprint

Intermediate Members of the Lime-Monteponite Solid Solutions (Ca1-xCdxO, x = 0.36-0.55): Discovery in Natural Occurrence Hani N. Khoury, Ella V. Sokol, Svetlana N.Kokh, Yurii V. Seryotkin, Olga A. Kozmenko, Sergey V. Goryainov, and Ian D. Clark preprint

FTIR Spectroscopy of D2O and HDO Molecules in the c-axis Channels of Synthetic Beryl Rudolf I. Mashkovtsev, Viktor G. Thomas, Dmitry A. Fursenko, Elena S. Zhukova, Vladimir V.Uskov, and Boris P. Gorshunovs preprint

A Spin on Lower Mantle Mineralogy Jeffrey S. Pigott preprint

The deep continental crust has a larger Mg isotopic variation than previously thought Zhao-Feng Zhang preprint

Influence of organic matter on smectite illitization: a comparison between red and dark mudstones from the Dongying Depression, China Yingli Li, Jingong Cai, Mingshui Song, Junfeng Ji, and Yujin Bao preprint

Ca-Al-silicate inclusions in natural moissanite (SiC) Simonpietro Di Pierro and Edwin Gnos preprint

Timescales of magma storage and migration recorded by olivine crystals in basalts of the March-April 2010 eruption at Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland Marco Viccaro, Marisa Giuffrida, Eugenio Nicotra, and Renato Cristofolini preprint

Ab initio investigation of majorite and pyrope garnets: Lattice dynamics and vibrational spectra Marco De La Pierre and Donato Belmonte preprint

Ilmenite-magnetite-spinel spheroids in a garnetite layer associated with eclogite and garnet peridotite, Blanský les Granulite Massif, Czech Republic, are melt droplets Stanislav Vrána, Lukáš Ackerman, Vojtěch Erban, and Patricie Halodová preprint

K-Bentonites: A Review Warren D. Huff preprint

Pathways for Nitrogen Cycling in Earth’s Crust and Upper Mantle: A Review and New Results for Microporous Beryl and Cordierite Gray E. Bebout, Kris E. Lazzeri, and Charles A. Geiger preprint

Magnesium isotopic composition of the deep continental crust Wei Yang, Fang-Zhen Teng, Wang-Ye Li, Sheng-Ao Liu, Shan Ke, Yong-Sheng Liu, Hong-Fu Zhang, and Shan Gao preprint

Are Covalent Bonds really Directed? I. David Brown preprint

Cancrinite-group minerals. Crystal-chemical description and properties under non-ambient conditions: A review G. Diego Gatta and Paolo Lotti preprint

Metamorphic chronology comes of age: past achievements and future prospects Matthew J. Kohn preprint