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Competition between two redox states in silicate melts: an in-situ simultaneous experiment at the Fe K-edge and Eu L3-edge Maria Rita Cicconi, Daniel R. Neuville, Isabelle Tannou, François Baudelet, Paul Floury, Eleonora Paris, and Gabriele Giuli preprint

Routine characterization and interpretation of complex alkali feldspar intergrowths Ian Parsons, John D. Fitz Gerald, and Martin R. Lee preprint

Insights into the structure of mixed CO2/CH4 in gas hydrates S. Michelle Everett, Claudia J. Rawn, Bryan C. Chakoumakos, David J. Keffer, Ashfia Huq, and Tommy J. Phelps preprint

Very large differences in intramolecular D-H partitioning in hydrated silicate melts synthesized at upper mantle pressures and temperatures Ying Wang, Samantha X. Cody, Dionysis Foustoukos, Bjorn O. Mysen, and George D. Cody preprint

Temperature dependence of crystal structure of CaGeO3 high-pressure perovskite phase and experimental determination of its Debye temperatures studied by low- and high-temperature single crystal X-ray diffraction Akihiko Nakatsuka, Shoichi Kuribayashi, Noriaki Nakayama, Hiroshi Fukui, Hiroshi Arima, Akira Yoneda, and Akira Yoshiasa preprint

Optical properties of siderite (FeCO3) across the spin transition: Crossover to iron-rich carbonates in the lower mantle Sergey S. Lobanov, Alexander F. Goncharov, and Konstantin D. Litasov/td> preprint

First-Principles Prediction of Pressure Enhanced Defect Segregation and Migration at MgO Grain Boundaries Bijaya B. Karki, Dipta B. Ghosh, and Ashok K. Verma preprint

Thermal expansion of F-Cl apatite crystalline solutions Guy Hovis, Tony Abraham, William Hudacek, Sarah Wildermuth, Brian Scott, Caitlin Altomare, Aaron Medford, Maricate Conlon, Matthew Morris, Amanda Leaman, Christine Almer, Gary Tomaino, and Daniel Harlov preprint

Complex IR spectra of OH- groups in silicate glasses: implications for the use of the 4500 cm-1 IR peak as a marker of OH- groups concentration Charles Le Losq, George D. Cody, and Bjorn O. Mysen preprint

A route for the direct crystallization of dolomite Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco, Samuel Shaw and Liane G. Benning preprint

Cation exchange capacity and water content of opal in sedimentary basins: example from the Monterey Formation, California Arkadiusz Derkowski, Jan Środoń, and Douglas K. McCarty preprint

Fayalite oxidation processes in Obsidian Cliffs rhyolite flow, Oregon Audrey M. Martin, Etienne Médard, Bertrand Devouard, Lindsay P. Keller, Kevin Righter, Jean-Luc Devidal, and Zia Rahman preprint

Melt Inclusion CO2 Contents, Pressures of Olivine Crystallization, and the Problem of Shrinkage Bubbles Paul J. Wallace, Vadim S. Kamenetsky, and Pablo Cervantes preprint

Highlights and Breakthroughs article for Thomas Bristow David Bish et al.,:The origin and implications of clay minerals from Yellowknife Bay, Gale crater, Mars Javier Cuadros preprint

Tweed, Twins and Holes: a link between Mineralogy and Materials Science Wilfried Schranz preprint

Hydrothermal chloritization process from biotite in the Toki granite, Central Japan: Temporal variation of chemical characteristics in hydrothermal fluid associated with the chloritization Takashi Yuguchi, Eiji Sasao, Masayuki Ishibashi, and Tadao Nishiyama preprint

Low pressure crystallization of a volatile-rich lunar basalt: a means for producing local anorthosites Nicholas J. DiFrancesco, Hanna Nekvasil, Donald H. Lindsely, and G. Ustunisik preprint

Atom probe tomography of isoferroplatinum Stephen W. Parman, David R. Diercks, Brian P. Gorman, and Reid F. Cooper preprint

Eckermannite revised. The new holotype from the Jade Mine Tract, Myanmar: crystal structure, mineral data and hints on the reasons for the rarity of eckermannite Roberta Oberti, Massimo Boiocchi, Frank C. Hawthorne , Neil A. Ball, and George E. Harlow preprint

Modelling siderophile elements during core formation and accretion, and the role of the deep mantle and volatiles Kevin Righter preprint

Calculation of the energetics of water incorporation in majorite garnet Jeffrey S. Pigott, Kate Wright, Julian D. Gale, and Wendy R. Panero preprint

Density Functional investigation of the thermo-physical and thermo-chemical properties of 2M1 Muscovite Gianfranco Ulian and Giovanni Valdrè preprint

Synchrotron micro-spectroscopic examination of Indonesian nickel laterites Rong Fan and Andrea R. Gerson preprint

Experimental Constraints on Fluid-Rock Reactions During Incipient Serpentinization of Harzburgite Frieder Klein, Niya G. Grozeva, Jeffrey S. Seewald, Thomas M. McCollom, Susan E. Humphris, Bruce Moskowitz, Thelma S. Berquó, and Wolf-Achim Kahl preprint

Experiments and models on H2O retrograde solubility in volcanic systems Amy G. Ryan, James K. Russell, Alexander R.L. Nichols, Kai-Uwe Hess, and Lucy A. Porritt preprint

The fall and rise of metamorphic zircon Matthew J. Kohn, Stacey L. Corrie, and Christopher Markley preprint

Petalite under Pressure: Elastic Behavior and Phase Stability Nancy L. Ross, Jing Zhao, Carla Slebodnick, Elinor C. Spencer, and Bryan C. Chakoumakos preprint

The origin and implications of clay minerals from Yellowknife Bay, Gale crater, Mars Thomas F. Bristow, David L. Bish, David T. Vaniman, Richard V. Morris, David F. Blake, John P. Grotzinger, Elizabeth B. Rampe, Joy A. Crisp, Cherie N. Achilles, Doug W. Ming, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Penelope L. King, John C. Bridges, Jennifer L. Eigenbrode, Dawn Y. Sumner, Steve J. Chipera, John Michael Moorokian, Allan H. Treiman, Shaunna M. Morrison, Robert T. Downs, Jack D. Farmer, David Des Marais, Philippe Sarrazin, Melissa M. Floyd, Michael A. Mischna, and Amy C. McAdam preprint

Block-by-Block and Layer-by-Layer Growth Modes in Corallium sp. Skeletons Jonathan Perrina, Daniel Vielzeufa, Angèle Ricolleaua, Hervé Dallaportaa, Solène Valtonb, and Nicole Floqueta preprint

Spatio-temporal constraints on magma storage and ascent conditions in a transtensional tectonic setting: The case of the Terceira Island (Azores) Vittorio Zanon and Adriano Pimentel preprint

Crystal chemical and structural modifications of erionite fibers leached with simulated lung fluids Paolo Ballirano and Georgia Cametti preprint

Structural investigation of (130) twins and rutile precipitates in chrysoberyl crystals from Rio das Pratinhas in Bahia (Brazil) Sandra Drev, Matej Komelj, Matjaž Mazaj, Nina Daneu and Aleksander Rečnik preprint

Kinetic behavior of partially dehydroxylated kaolinite Victor A. Drits and Arkadiusz Derkowski preprint

Bubbles matter: An assessment of the contribution of vapor bubbles to melt inclusion volatile budgets Lowell Moore, Esteban Gazel, Robin Tuohy, Alex Lloyd, Rosario Esposito, Matthew Steele-MacInnis, Erik H. Hauri, Paul J. Wallace, Terry Plank, and Robert J. Bodnar preprint

Carbon speciation in silicate-C-O-H melt and fluid as a function of redox conditions: An experimental study, in-situ to 1.7 GPa and 900°C Bjorn Mysen preprint

Pre-Eruptive Magma Mixing and Crystal Transfer Revealed by Phenocryst and Microlite Compositions in Basaltic Andesite from the 2008 Eruption of Kasatochi Island Volcano Owen K. Neill, Jessica F. Larsen, Pavel E. Izbekov, and Christopher J. Nye preprint

In-situ oxygen isotope and trace element geothermometry of rutilated quartz from Alpine fissures Danielle Ziva Shulaker, Axel K. Schmitt, Thomas Zack, and Ilya Bindeman preprint

Constraints on the origin of sub-effusive nodules from the Sarno (Pomici di Base) eruption of Mt. Somma-Vesuvius (Italy) based on compositions of silicate-melt inclusions and clinopyroxene Rita Klébesz, Rosario Esposito, Benedetto De Vivo, and Robert J. Bodnar preprint

Timescales of exhumation and cooling inferred by kinetic modelling: An example using a lamellar garnet pyroxenite from the Variscan Granulitgebirge, E Germany Thomas Müller, Hans-Joachim Massonne, and Arne P. Willner preprint

Revised mineral and Mg# maps of the Moon from integrating results from the Lunar Prospector neutron and gamma ray spectrometers with Clementine spectroscopy Sarah T. Crites and Paul G. Lucey preprint

The whole-block approach to measuring hydrogen diffusivity in nominally anhydrous minerals Elizabeth Ferriss, Terry Plank, David Walker, and Meredith Nettles preprint

Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of AlSO4(OH): A titanite-group member Alan J. Anderson, Hexiong Yang, and Robert T. Downs preprint

Akaganéite and schwertmannite: Spectral properties and geochemical implications of their possible presence on Mars Janice L. Bishop, Enver Murad, and M. Darby Dyar preprint

Tweed, Twins, and Holes Ekhard K.H. Salje preprint

Toward theoretical mineralogy: a bond-topological approach Frank C. Hawthorne preprint

Kojonenite, a new palladium tin telluride mineral from the Stillwater Layered Igneous Intrusion, Montana, USA Chris J Stanley and Anna Vymazalová preprint

Mössbauer spectroscopic study of natural eosphorite, [(Mn, Fe)AlPO4(OH)2H2O] Antoine Van Alboom, Valdirene Gonzaga de Resende, Geraldo Magela da Costa, and Eddy De Grave preprint

INTRINSIC CONDITIONS OF MAGMAS FROM THE LUNAR CRATER VOLCANIC FIELD (NEVADA): IMPLICATIONS FOR INTERNAL PLUMBING AND MAGMA ASCENT Joaquín A. Cortés, Eugene I. Smith, Greg A. Valentine, Racheal Johnsen, Christine Rasoazanamparany, Elisabeth Widom, Mai Sas, and Dawn Ruth preprint

Synthesis of Stoichiometric Nickel Aluminate Spinel Nanoparticles Md. Hasan, John Drazin, Sanchita Dey, and Ricardo H. R. Castro preprint

The elasticity of MgAl2O4-MnAl2O4 spinels by Brillouin scattering and an empirical approach for bulk modulus prediction Enrico Bruschini, Sergio Speziale, Giovanni B. Andreozzi, Ferdinando Bosi, and Ulf Hålenius preprint

Trace and minor elements in galena: A reconnaissance LA-ICP-MS study Luke George, Nigel J. Cook, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, and Benjamin P. Wade preprint

Klebelsbergite, Sb4O4SO4(OH)2: stability relationships, formation in Nature, and refinement of its structure Adam. J. Roper, Peter Leverett, Timothy D. Murphy, and Peter. A. Williams preprint

An in situ high-pressure NMR study of sodium coordination environment compressibility in albite glass Sarah J. Gaudio, Trenton G. Edwards, and Sabyasachi Sen preprint

A Rock Fragment Related to the Magnesian Suite in Lunar Meteorite Allan Hills (ALHA) A81005 Allan H. Treiman and Juliane Gross preprint

The catalytic effect of bound extracellular polymeric substances excreted by anaerobic microorganisms on Ca-Mg carbonate precipitation: Implications for the “dolomite problem” Fangfu Zhang, Huifang Xu, Evgenya S. Shelobolina, Hiromi Konishi, Brandon Converse, Zhizhang Shen, and Eric E. Roden preprint

Experimental and Modeled Chlorine Solubilities in Aluminosilicate Melts at 1 to 7000 Bars and 700 to 1250°C: Applications to Magmas of Augustine Volcano, Alaska James D. Webster, Francesco Vetere, Roman E. Botcharnikov, Beth Goldoff, Alexander Mcbirney, and Angela L. Doherty preprint

Direct observation of Ca-Na ordering and structure polarity in Ca-rich intermediate plagioclase feldspar with incommensurate modulated structure Huifang Xu preprint

Cation order-disorder in Fe-bearing pyrope and grossular garnets: An 27Al and 29Si MAS NMR and 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy study Aaron C. Palke, Jonathan F. Stebbins, Charles A. Geiger, and Gerold Tippelt preprint

Stability and adhesion of calcite/montmorillonite assembly W. Sekkal, A. Zaoui and I. Shahrour preprint

Complete substitution of Fe2+ by Mg in Fe4O5: the crystal structure of the Mg2Fe2O5 end-member Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Laura Uenver-Thiele, and Alan B. Woodland preprint

Anhydrite: An important sulfur binder limiting the climatic impact of subaerial volcanic eruptions Marcus Nowak preprint

Experimental study along the magnesio-hornblende–glaucophane join Jie Lei, David M. Jenkins, and Kiyotaka Ishida preprint

Balestraite, KLi2VSi4O10O2, the first member of the mica group with octahedral V5+ G.O. Lepore, L. Bindi, A. Zanetti, M.E. Ciriotti, O. Medenbach, and P. Bonazzi preprint

Possible new Ca-REE-Bi phosphate minerals from a tungsten-rich calcsilicate skarn, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California Beverly J. Berekian, Diane Clemens-Knott, and Chi Ma preprint

Cathodoluminescence dependence on feldspar mineral structure and implications for forensic geology Sarah A. Brokus, Danielle K. Silletti, J. Mark Lunderberg, Paul A. DeYoung, Graham F. Peaslee, Dyanne E. Carpenter, and JoAnn Buscaglia preprint

In situ observation of the pyroxene-majorite transition in Na2MgSi5O12 using synchrotron radiation and Raman spectroscopy of Na-majorite Anna Dymshits, Igor Sharygin, Konstantin Litasov, Anton Shatskiy, Pavel Gavryushkin, Eiji Ohtani, Akio Suzuki, and Kenichi Funakoshi preprint

Carbonate mineralization in percolated olivine aggregates: Linking effects of crystallographic orientation and fluid flow Steve Peuble, Muriel Andreani, Marguerite Godard, Philippe Gouze, Fabrice Barou, Bertrand Van de Moortele, David Mainprice, and Bruno Reynard preprint

Trinitite redux: Mineralogy and petrology G. Nelson Eby, Norman Charnley, Duncan Pirrie, Robert Hermes, John Smoliga, and Gavyn Rollinson preprint

Alkali influence on the water speciation and the environment of protons in silicate glasses revealed by 1H MAS NMR spectroscopy Charles Le Losq, George D. Cody, and Bjorn O. Mysen preprint

Pauloabibite, trigonal NaNbO3, isostructural with ilmenite, from the Jacupiranga carbonatite, Cajati, São Paulo, Brazil Luiz A.D. Menezes Filho, Daniel Atencio, Marcelo B. Andrade, Robert T. Downs, Mário L.S.C. Chaves, Antônio W. Romano, Ricardo Scholz, and Aba I. C. Persiano preprint

A Refined Monoclinic Structure for a Variety of “Hydrohematite” Kristina M. Peterson, Peter J. Heaney, Jeffrey E. Post, and Peter J. Eng preprint

Prevalence of growth twins among anhedral plagioclase microlites Carrie R. Brugger and Julia E. Hammer preprint

Prediction of enthalpies of formation of hydrous sulfates Sophie Billon and Philippe Vieillard preprint

Non-invasive assessment of the formation of tourmaline nodules by X-ray microtomography and computer modeling Luca Valentini, Barbara Marchesini, Matteo Parisatto, Diego Perugini, and Gilberto Artiolis preprint

Tourmaline as a Petrogenetic Monitor of the Origin and Evolution of the Berry-Havey Pegmatite (Maine, USA) Encarnación Roda-Robles, William Simmons, Alfonso Pesquera, Pedro P. Gil-Crespo, James Nizamoff, and José Torres-Ruiz preprint

Anhydrite stability and the effect of Ca on the behavior of sulfur in felsic magmas Ruifang Huang and Hans Keppler preprint

Trace-element partitioning between plagioclase, alkali feldspar, Ti-magnetite, biotite, apatite and evolved potassic liquids from Campi Flegrei (Southern Italy) Lorenzo Fedele, Michele Lustrino, Leone Melluso, Vincenzo Morra, Alberto Zanetti, and Riccardo Vannucci preprint

Phase relationships in the system K2CO3-CaCO3 at 6 GPa and 900-1450ºC Anton Shatskiy, Yuri M. Borzdov, Konstantin D. Litasov, Igor S. Sharygin, Yuri N. Palyanov, and Eiji Ohtani preprint

Synthetic and natural ammonium-bearing tourmaline Bernd Wunder, Eleanor Berryman, Birgit Plessen, Dieter Rhede, Monika Koch-Müller, and Wilhelm Heinrich preprint

At the Blurry Edge of Mineralogy Peter J. Heaney preprint

Origin of the lunar highlands Mg-suite: An integrated petrology, geochemistry, chronology, and remote sensing perspective Charles K. Shearer, Stephen M. Elardo, Noah E. Petro, Lars E. Borg, and Francis M. McCubbin preprint

Structural effects on incorporated water in carbonated apatites Jennifer E. Goldenberg, Zachary Wilt, Demetra V. Schermerhorn, Jill D. Pasteris, and Claude H. Yoder preprint

The rapid expansion of environmental mineralogy in unconventional ways: Beyond the accepted definition of a mineral, the latest technology, and using nature as our guide Manuel A. Caraballo, F. Marc Michel, and Michael F. Hochella, Jr preprint

The system Na2CO3-FeCO3 at 6 GPa and its relation to the system Na2CO3-FeCO3-MgCO3 Anton Shatskiy, Sergey V. Rashchenko, Eiji Ohtani, Konstantin D. Litasov, Mikhail V. Khlestov, Yuri M. Borzdov, Igor N. Kupriyanov, Igor S. Sharygin, and Yuri N. Palyanov preprint

New constraints on electron-beam induced halogen migration in apatite Michael J. Stock, Madeleine C.S. Humphreys, Victoria C. Smith, Roger D. Johnson, and David M. Pyle, EIMF preprint

AIM analysis and the form of the bond-valence equation Matthew C. F. Wander, Barry R. Bickmore, Larissa Lind, Charles Andros, John Hunt, Hannah Checketts, and Tyler Goodell preprint

Tetrataenite in terrestrial rock Bibhuranjan Nayak and Franz Michael Meyer preprint

Microelectronic Junctions in Arsenian Pyrite Due to Impurity and Mixed Sulphide Heterogeneity Jamie S Laird, Colin M MacRae, Angela Halfpenny, Ross Large, and Chris G Ryan preprint

Thermo-compression of pyrope-grossular garnet solid solutions: non-linear compositional dependence Wei Du, Simon Martin Clark, and David Walker preprint

The use of cation-cation and anion-anion bonds to augment the bond-valence model Matthew C. F. Wander, Barry R. Bickmore, Matthew Davis, W. Joel Johansen, Charles Andros, and Larissa Lind preprint

Optical absorption anisotropy of high-density, wide-gap, high-hardness SiO2 polymorphs seifertite, stishovite and coesite K. Klier, J.A. Spirko and K. M. Landskron preprint

Near-infrared investigation of folding sepiolite Maria Tsampodimou, Vanessa-Jane Bukas, Elizabeth T. Stathopoulou, Vassilis Gionis,and Georgios D. Chryssikos preprint

First-principles study of sulfur isotop fractionation in pyrite-type disulfides Shanqi Liu, Yongbing Li, Jianming Liu, and Yaolin Shi preprint

Mid-infrared emission spectroscopy and visible/near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy of Fe-sulfate minerals Melissa D. Lane, Janice L. Bishop, M. Darby Dyar, Takahiro Hiroi, Stanley A. Mertzman, David L. Bish, Penelope L. King, and A. Deanne Rogers preprint

Megacrystic zircon with planar fractures in miaskite-type nepheline pegmatites formed at high pressures in the lower crust (Ivrea Zone, southern Alps, Switzerland) Urs Schaltegger, Alexey Ulianov, Othmar Müntener, Maria Ovtcharova, Irena Peytcheva, Pierre Vonlanthen, Torsten Vennemann, Marco Antognini, and Fabio Girlanda preprint

Chlorine - hydroxyl diffusion in pargasitic amphibole Wen Su, Don.R. Baker, Luping Pu, Liping Bai, Xin Liu, and Cedrick O'Shaughnessy preprint

High-pressure high-temperature transitions in MgCr2O4 and crystal structures of new Mg2Cr2O5 and post-spinel MgCr2O4 phases with implications for ultra-high pressure chromitites in ophiolites Takayuki Ishii, Hiroshi Kojitani, Kiyoshi Fujino, Hitoshi Yusa, Daisuke Mori, Yoshiyuki Inaguma, Yoshitaka Matsushita, Kazunari Yamaura, and Masaki Akaogi preprint

The chemical behavior of fluids released during deep subduction based on fluid inclusions Maria Luce Frezzotti and Simona Ferrando preprint

First Crystal Structure Determination of Alumohydrocalcite and Classification of the Dundasite Group Marcin Stachowicz, Jan Parafiniuk, Claire Wilson, Simon Coles, and Krzysztof Woźniak preprint

Nuragheite, Th(MoO4)2·H2O, the second natural thorium molybdate and its relationships to ichnusaite and synthetic Th(MoO4)2 Paolo Orlandi, Cristian Biagioni, Luca Bindi, and Stefano Merlino preprint

Mineral Evolution and Earth History Dwight C. Bradley preprint

Combined geochemistry and geochronology constrains coupled subduction of oceanic and continental crust in the Huwan shear zone, central China Hao Cheng and Jeffrey D. Vervoort preprint

Franciscan geologic history constrained by tectonic/olistostromal high-grade metamafic blocks in the iconic California Mesozoic-Tertiary accretionary complex W. G. Ernst preprint