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(revised 01/16/2014)
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  David J. Vaughan (2014 MSA President), Chair
John M. Hughes (2014 MSA Past-President)
Steven B. Shirey (2014 MSA Vice-President)
Howard W. Day (2013-2014 MSA Treasurer)
Andrea M. Koziol (2014-2015 MSA Secretary)

ROEBLING MEDAL COMMITTEE (Award for 2015)  Isabelle Daniel, Chair (2014) 
Jay J. Ague (2012-2014)
John M. Hanchar (2012-2014)
Charles W. Burnham (2013-2015)
Harry W. Green II (2013-2015)
Michael A. Carpenter (2014-2016)
Georges Calas (2014-2016)

DANA MEDAL COMMITTEE (Award for 2016)  Christine M. Clark, Chair (2014)
Glenn A. Waychunas (2012-2014)
David R. Cole (2012-2014)
Suzanne Mahlburg Kay (2013-2015)
Ronald E. Cohen (2013-2015)
Ross John Angel (2014-2016)
Suzanne A. McEnroe (2014-2016)

MSA AWARD COMMITTEE (Award for 2015)  Kim Tait, (2014) Chair
Stephen J. Mackwell (2012-2014)
Rona J. Donahoe (2012-2014)
Donna L. Whitney (2013-2015)
Kevin M. Rosso (2013-2015)
Keiko Hattori (2014-2016)
Mark David Welch (2014-2016)

DISTINGUISHED PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD COMMITTEE (Award for 2015)  Peter J. Heaney, (2013-2014) Chair 
Alan G. Whittington (2011-2014)
M. Darby Dyar (2013-2014)
Denton S. Ebel (2013-2014)
Tracy Rushmer (2013-2014)
Craig M. Schiffries (2013-2014)
C.M.B. (Mike) Henderson (2013-2014)

CRYSTALLOGRAPHY RESEARCH GRANT COMMITTEE (Grant for 2015)  Research Grant in Crystallography from the Edward H. Kraus Crystallographic Research Trust Fund  Wendy Panero, Chair (2014)
Stephen J. Guggenheim (2012-2014)
Jennifer M. Jackson (2013-2015)
Daniele J. Cherniak (2014-2016)

MINERALOGY/PETROLOGY RESEARCH GRANT COMMITTEE (Grant for 2015)  MSA Grant for Student Research in Mineralogy and Petrology  Edward S. Grew, Chair (2014)
James S. Beard (2012-2014)
Alan Bruce Thompson (2012-2014)
Francis M. McCubbin (2013-2015)
Bruce W. D. Yardley (2014-2016)

John M. Hughes (2014-)
Thomas Armbruster (2014-)

NOMINATING COMMITTEE FOR FELLOWS Kirsten P. Nicolaysen, (2012-2014), Chair (2014)
Wilson A. Crichton (2012-2014)
Yong-Fei Zheng (2013-2015)
Robert J. Bodnar (2013-2015)
Przemyslaw Dera (2014-2016)
Nancy L. Ross (2014-2016)

COMMITTEE ON MANAGEMENT   David J. Vaughan (2014 MSA President), Chair
John M. Hughes (2014 MSA Past-President)
Steven B. Shirey (2014 MSA Vice-President)
Howard W. Day (2013-2014 MSA Treasurer)
Andrea M. Koziol (2014-2015 MSA Secretary)

FINANCIAL ADVISORY AND AUDIT COMMITTEE  Mark van Baalen (2009-), Chair (2010-) 
David C. Palmer (2012-2014)
David L. Bish (2013-2015)
Gordon E. Brown Jr. (2014-2016)
Michael Brown (2014-2016)
Howard W. Day (2013-2014 MSA Treasurer)
David J. Vaughan (2014 MSA President, Management Committee Chair)
Steven B. Shirey (2014 MSA Vice-President)
Andrea M. Koziol (2014-2015 MSA Secretary)

Sumit Chakraborty (2010-)
Rona J. Donahoe (2010-)
Jane A. Gilotti (2010-)
Peggy A. O'Day (2010-)

Sorena S. Sorensen (2010- ), student recruitment

COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES Steven B. Shirey (2014 MSA Vice-President), Chair
Carol D. Frost (2014 MSA Vice-Presidental candidate)
Rebecca A. Lange (2014 MSA Vice-Presidental candidate)
Andrea M. Koziol (2014-2015 MSA Secretary)
Robert W. Luth (2014)
Astrid Holzheid (2014)

NOMINATING COMMITTEE FOR OFFICERS (for 2015 election and terms start 2016) Roland Hellmann (2012-2014), Chair (2014)
Shiv K. Sharma (2012-2014)
Thomas Armbruster (2013-2015)
Jeffrey E. Post (2013-2015)
Bruce D. Marsh (2014-2016)
James Badro (2014-2016)

MSA LECTURE PROGRAM COMMITTEE Mark A. Williamson (2012-2014), Chair (2014)
Lindsay J. McHenry (2012-2014)
Sarah K. Carmichael (2013-2015)
Callum J Hetherington (2014-2016)
Elizabeth Ann Johnson (2014-2016)

Timothy W. Grover (Lecture Program Administrator) (2013-)

COMMITTEE ON SHORT COURSES  Joanne E. Stubbs (2011-2014), Chair (2013-2014)
Matthew J. Kohn (2012-2015)
Jill D. Pasteris (2013-2016)
Thomas P. Trainor (2014-2017)
Jeffrey Vervoort (Geochemical Society Editor for Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry) (2012-)
Jodi Rosso (Series Editor, Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry) (2003-)

BENEFACTORS COMMITTEE  John M. Hughes (2010-) Chair, Corporate Donations & Capital Campaign
Peter J. Heaney (2009-) Chair, Membership Giving

OUTREACH COMMITTEE  Vickie Harder, co-Chair overseeing K-12 Outreach (2002-)

PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR  Steven B. Shirey (2014)

Ad Hoc COMMITTEE ON EARTH MATERIALS DATA (EMDI)   Kerstin Lehnert, chair (2013-)
Elizabeth Anna Cottrell (2013-)
Robert T. Downs (2013-)
Peter Fox (Tetherless World Constellation, RPI. 2013-)
Mark S. Ghiorso (2013-)
Robert M. Hazen (2013-)
Surendra K. Saxena (Florida International University, 2013-)
Frank S. Spear (2013-)

AMERICAN MINERALOGIST  Editor: Keith D. Putirka (2012-)
Editor: Ian Swainson (2010-)
Managing Editor: Rachel A. Russell (1996- )
Technical Editor for Crystal Structures: Ronald C. Peterson (2009-)
New Mineral Names Editor: Dmitriy Ilych Belakovskiy (2014-)
Book Review Editor: John C. Schumacher
Board of Associate Editors


HANDBOOK OF MINERALOGY Editor: Kenneth W. Bladh (2010- )

ELEMENTS  MSA News Editor: Andrea Koziol (2005- )
Advisory Board for MSA: George E. Harlow
Advisory Board for MSA: Roberta Oberti
Executive Committee for MSA: Barb L. Dutrow (2009- )

GEOSCIENCEWORLD  Board of Directors for MSA: Douglas Rumble III (2009-2011)
Advisory Council for MSA: Rachel Russell (2012-2014)

LIAISONS TO OTHER SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS American Crystallographic Association (ACA) - Nancy L. Ross (2012-)
American Geological Institute (AGI) - J. Alex Speer (1999-)
American Geophysical Union (AGU) - Michael F. Hochella, Jr. (2013-)
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Mineral Physics Focus Group - Razvan Caracas (2013-)
Clay Minerals Society (CMS) - David L. Bish (1988-)
European Mineralogical Union (EMU) - Charles A. Geiger (2000-)
Friends of Mineralogy (FM) - Julian C. Gray (2007-)
Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - George Rossman (1992-)
Geological Society of America's Mineralogy, Petrology, Voclanology, and Geochemistry Division (GSA-MPVG) - Wendy A. Bohrson (2010-
Geochemical Society (GS) - Michael F. Hochella, Jr. (2011-)
GeoScienceWorld (GSW) Advisory Council - Rachel A. Russell (2012-)
GeoScienceWorld (GSW) Board of Directors - Douglas Rumble III (2009-2014)
International Mineralogical Association (IMA) - George E. Harlow (2007-)
International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) - Jeffrey E. Post (1995-)
Society of Mineral Museum Professionals (SMMP) - George E. Harlow (1994-)


MSA Representative to GSA JTPC - Philip E. Brown (2002-)
MSA Representative to GSA JTPC - James S. Beard (2002-)
MSA Liaison to Goldschmidt Conference -
MSA Liaison AGU VGP Meetings Committee - Abby Kavner (2005-)
MSA Liaison to AGU Mineral Physics Focus Group - Heather C. Watson (2010-)
MSA Liaison to the CMS - David L. Bish (1998-)
MSA Representative to Friends of Mineralogy - Julian C. Gray (2007-)
MSA Representative to the IMA - George E. Harlow (2007-)

MSA REPRESENTATIVES on IMA COMMISSIONS and Working Groups Applied Mineralogy - H. Catherine W. Skinner (1992)
Astromineralogy - Frans J.M. Rietmeijer (2004)
Gem Materials - James E. Shigley (1996)
Inclusions in Minerals - Robert J. Bodnar (2004)
Mineral Equilibria - Darrell Kirk Nordstrom (2004)
Mineral Growth and Interface Processes - John Rakovan (2003)
Museums - Kimberly T. Tait (2012)
New Minerals, Mineral Names, and Classification of Minerals - Anthony R. Kampf (1992)
Ore Mineralogy - Mark D. Barton (2000)
Organic Minerals - Patricia A. Maurice (2001)
Physics of Minerals - Nancy L. Ross (2003)

MSA SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (no formal structure or terms)  Pegmatites - David London (1992-)
Planetary Materials - Brad Jolliff (1996-)

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