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Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy by Dyar, Gunter, and Tasa

Cover - Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy

Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy
Written by M. Darby Dyar and Mickey E. Gunter
Illustrations and animations by Dennis Tasa

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Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy is a college-level textbook designed for courses in rocks and minerals, mineralogy, and optical mineralogy. It covers crystallography, crystal chemistry, systematic mineralogy, and optical mineralogy. The textbook is organized to facilitate spiral learning, with introductory through advanced chapters on each of these four topics. A chapter on hand sample identification is also included.

Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy is now available not only in print in paperback with DVD-ROM but as an engaging new series of chapters for iPad and Mac on iBooks. Either way, it's the same great textbook written by Melinda Darby Dyar and Mickey E. Gunter, illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

The chapters differ in several ways from a traditional mineralogy textbook: (1) it promotes learning in a digital environment; (2) the authors use modern pedagogy; (3) it is written so that the more advanced chapters build on information learned in earlier chapters; (4) each chapter in the digital series is available separately allowing the instructor to pick and choose only those chapters needed for their specific course.

Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy is specifically designed to take full advantage of digital media technology to empower students and teachers of mineralogy. Using color photographs, illustrations, movies, 3-D rotatable crystal structure models made with CrystalMaker®, interactive diagrams, and review questions, this series makes a challenging subject approachable. On either the digital series or DVD-ROM you will find well over a thousand animations and full-color images of every illustration in the text.

  • To purchase the printed version of the complete textbook with DVD-ROM, go to the Mineralogical Society of America's Book Store. (MSA members receive a 25% discount on the book.)

  • To purchase a pdf version of the complete textbook with DVD-ROM, go to the Mineralogical Society of America's MinPubs.org website, and select the "textbook" option. (MSA members receive a 25% discount on the book.)

  • To purchase the new version of the Interactive Mineralogy DVD-ROM (version 1.1) that is compatible with Mac OS 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion, go to the MSA Book Store.

  • Three programs written by CrystalMaker Software are also included on the DVD-ROM to view mineral structures as well as to calculate their powder diffraction and single crystal diffraction patterns. A modified version of CrystalMaker®, called CrystalViewer, was specially designed for the book and database and demo versions of CrystalDiffract® and SingleCrystal™ are included for the diffraction calculations.

    For those who purchase your chapters for iPad and Mac on iBooks, there is a web link on each illustration using CrystalMaker® to the CrystalMaker Software web site.

  • The DVD-ROM also includes a searchable mineral database with more than 600 mineral species. Each entry can be printed as a two-page description, allowing users to create customized lab manuals.

  • If your students have an iPad or Mac, they can buy chapters separately as determined by you, for your class. A substantial savings—each chapter starts as low as $3.99! To see the list of chapters currently available (final chapters scheduled for availability May 2014), go to Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy series chapters currently available.

  • To purchase your chapters for iPad and Mac on iBooks, go to iTunes

  • To obtain a free sample portion of each chapter in the series:
    • in iTunes: search "Dyar Gunter," then select the "Books" category
    • in iBooks on your iPad or Mac (OS X Mavericks): click the Store button, then search "Dyar Gunter"

  • To get a promo code for a FREE chapter (your pick—quantities limited) for iPad or Mac, please email us at info@tasagraphicarts.com.

Mineral Database app

Cover - Mineral Database

The Mineral Database app that can accompany Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy is also available for the iPad on iTunes and for the Mac at the Mac App Store. It has a searchable mineral database with more than 600 mineral species.

DSL or Broadband connection recommended to download sample files. It may take some time for sample and example links to load, because these are relatively large files. Please be patient!

Examples from the Text
Table of contents
Sample sections from the text:
...from Chapter 1, The Essence of Mineralogy
...from Chapter 10, Mineral Formulas
...from Chapter 12, Symmetry
...from Chapter 15, Diffraction
...from Chapter 23, Non-Silicate Minerals

Examples of Animations from the DVD-ROM
(Requires screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and opens in new window.):
Chapter 9. Chemical Analysis of Minerals
...from Chapter 10. Mineral Formulas
...from Chapter 11. Introduction to Symmetry
...from Chapter 15. Diffraction
...from Chapter 17. Optical Crystallography
...from Chapter 18. Optical Crystal Chemistry

Examples of pages from "Print Your Own Lab Manual" on DVD-ROM
albite, diopside, gedrite, quartz, sapphirine, sillimanite, titanite, wollastonite
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Errata (Book and DVD-ROM)

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