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(revised 11/30/2013)

MSA Events at the Meeting
Proposing an MSA-sponsored Session
Next MSA Annual Meeting
Future MSA Annual Meeting locations

MSA Events at the Meeting
The Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) conducts its annual meeting at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (GSA).  MSA sponsors a number of activities at the Annual GSA Meeting: 
    • Scientific Sessions
    • MSA Awards Lunch
    • MSA Awardee Lecture
    • MSA Roebling Medalist Lecture
    • MSA Presidential Address
    • MSA Annual Business Meeting
    • Joint MSA and Geochemical Society Reception
    • MSA Booth in the Exhibit Hall where you can meet the editors of the American Mineralogist and the staff from the Business Office.

Proposing an MSA-sponsored Session

Individuals and geoscience organizations may propose technical sessions for the GSA meetings. Descriptions about the types of sessions that can be proposed, instructions, and online proposal submission can be reached through http://www.geosociety.org/meetings/. The deadline for submitting a proposal is usually very early January of the year in which the meeting will be held.

GSA encourages sponsorship of technical sessions by GSA Divisions, as well as its Associated and Affiliated Socities. MSA is an Associated Society of GSA. If you want MSA sponsorship for your session, copy the proposal you will be submitting to GSA by early December to one or both MSA representatives to the GSA Joint Technical Program Committee (Jim Beard jim.beard@vmnh.virginia.gov and Phil Brown pbrown@geology.wisc.edu for approval.

Next MSA Annual Meeting

The 2014 MSA Annual Meeting
at the
Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
19-22 October 2014

GSA's Meeting Announcement and Information for 2014 GSA Annual Meeting

GSA 2014 banner

Future Annual MSA Meeting locations:

    • 2015 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA 1-4 November 2015
    • 2016 - Denver, Colorado, USA 25-28 September2016
    • 2017 - Seattle, Washington, USA 22-25 October 2017
    • 2018 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 4-7 November 2018
    • 2019 - Denver, Colorado USA TBD

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